Helping hand


Some people need extra help while on holiday. When in need of care after surgery to or a helping hand getting up in the morning or help throughout the day. We take care of expert care support for a successful holiday or business trip. This service is available in Rome and everywhere in Italy.


Specialized assistance


Our Vacation Assistants provide care built around the individual. If you don’t move well due to age, you have a disability, health problem or suffer from anxiety, We are with you ! We help with medication administration, getting up in the morning, and all other aspects of day and night care. A complex condition is not a barrier to us. With the right level of medical care we will ensure that you or your loved ones can enjoy a relaxing holiday.


We are with you, you just need to ask !


  • Personal and nursing care
  • Nursing and medical professionals
  • All types of medical assistance, for example physiotherapy
  • Qualified staff to help you start and end your day as a perfect tourist.
  • Specialized rehabilitation and post-operative nurses.
  • Specialized nurses for injections, osteotomy and medical treatment