VERO M.I.C.E. | Making it extraordinary

Being different is the key to successful. Other companies only throw offers around. If you believe in expertise, quality and service, so let’s show this to your clients.

Why we are different?

We are not your typical DMC that specializes in one city in Italy. All of our programs are ad-hoc travel programs tailor-made to our clients' requirements in destinations across Italy And here is why we are also different in our operations:


VERO MICE not only help its clients design and implement travel programs, but through our close relationships with suppliers we can also obtain concessions and special attention to details that clients could not obtain on their own.


Before our clients even know we are doing it we're asking for lower prices, better terms and conditions and instructing our suppliers how to make the program better than our clients even imagine. We sign all contracts for our clients.


All supplier communications are conducted by VERO MICE so our clients don't spend their valuable time trying to work directly and being frustrated by inefficient staff who don't understand their needs. Our clients save time, money and frustration.


Since we are aware of the importance that ethic and responsible work represents for our clients, we are inspired in our project according to the 5 world-wide guiding lines of VERO: Quality | Responsibility | Mutuality | Efficiency | Freedom


The choice of each single supplier is made according to the principle of up-notch quality of the Made in Italy that still nowadays remains a (faro)…. of extraordinary importance, synonym for excellence in the world.


For our projects we choose exclusively societies that provide the most developed national and international standards in terms of work security, ethics and legality at all levels.


Until today many of the companies and societies that we have worked with are still our partners with whom we share risks and success: share the risks but also the success is for us the real meaning of a big development.


We choose meticulously every single experience that we have suggested, be it a culinary or visual one, an emotional or a personal one. We have therefore abandoned everything and everyone who wouldn’t be simply the master in this field. Our choice is never just the brand but a complex set of skills and affordable prices.


The entire travel experience is created considering our mark up an element that is plainly functional to our ability to choose the best without any conditions. That´s what we consider real luxury.

Where: Rome

Client: Nice2Have Events

Final client: Roche Pharma

What: Team building – Aperitivo Italiano –


Where: Rome

Client: Tracks Events France

Final client: Aphysio France

Type: Incentive trip

What: Realization of the whole project


Where: Sardinia – Costa Smeralda

Client: Synergie Tunisie

Final client: Swicorp Investment Banking

Type: Incentive Trip

What: Realization of the whole project


Where: Rome

Client: Unit Elements Spain

Final client: Boehringer Ingelheim

What: Production and realization ( Scenographies and sets) of Gala dinner and awards for 300 pax


Where: Milan

Client: Atalante Tours Turkey

Final client: AVEDA

What: Incentive Trip – Full organization: Milan /Lake of Como / Lamborghni race cars test drive Castelletto di Branduzzo race track

Where: Milan – Maranello

Client: Atalante Turkey

Final client: Aveda

Type: Incentive Trip

What: Complete creativity and organization


Where: Rome seaside –  S.Marinella

Client: MolsonCoors

Type: Team Bulding

What: Sailing Match race –  Meeting





Where: Rome

Client: CVP France

Type: Incentive Trip

What: Full creativity and organization


Where: Florece – Tuscany

Client: Expo Travel Hungary

Final client : Avon Hungary

Type: Incentive Trip

What: Full creativity and organization